About Us

The Anti-Tick Vaccine Development Initiative is the project at the forefront of a joint initiative to research, develop, manufacture and commercialize an innovative alternative immunological solution that is advancing the prevention and treatment of one of Uganda’s most challenging livestock problems – tick-borne diseases. We are the makers of TicVac-U®, the first tick vaccine in Uganda. TicVac-U has been researched, developed and manufactured in Uganda in order to meet the real-world needs of cattle farmers and veterinarians supporting them.

TicVac at a Glance

TicVac-U® was developed using vaccine-candidate proteins from local ticks in Uganda which have been exploited to produce an anti-tick vaccine that can effectively immunize local cattle against East Coast Fever (ECF) and Babesiosis, the two most prevalent and economically important Tick-Borne Diseases affecting Uganda's cattle population. The anti-tick vaccine, Uganda's first tick vaccine was developed by Dr Margaret Saimo-Kahwa, the Principal Investigator who innovated the vaccine serum, in collaboration with scientists from MAK-COVAB. It is the culmination of the Anti-Tick Vaccine Development Initiative supported by H.E. Gen Yoweri Museveni, to produce an effective, affordable and safe tick vaccine in Uganda. As Uganda’s first tick vaccine developed for East Coast Fever and Babesiosis, learn how TicVac-U will address the challenge of ticks and acaricide resistance in Uganda.

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Meet the Makerere Lecturer Behind TicVac-U

Learn more about Dr Margaret Saimo-Kahwa, who has been lauded by the world of science for developing a vaccine for Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases in Uganda. The senior lecturer and veterinary doctor at Makerere University, has been praised for developing the first tick vaccine in Uganda that will address the serious challenge of ticks and tick-borne diseases currently impacting livestock in Uganda.

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