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Everything you need to know about TicVac-U

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In the following article, we give an overview of what the new anti-tick vaccine known as TicVac-U is, how it works against tickborne diseases like EastCoastFever (ECF) and Babesiosis, its efficacy aga...

Ugandan scientist leads research to produce an anti-tick vaccine to combat the epidemic of ticks and tick-borne diseases in Africa

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In this report, we profile the work of renown Makerere University scientist, Dr. Margaret Saimo-Kahwa and her efforts to produce an anti-tick vaccine to combat the rising epidermic of a new tide of ac...

10 Scientists Who made the Tick Vaccines

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Dr Margaret Saimo-Kahwa, the lead developer of the vaccine,  on Tuesday said the development started in 2005 with a seed grant from the Dutch Research Council,  but the government of Uganda through ...