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President Museveni Lauds TicVac at Makerere Exhibition (Luganda)

Anti-tick tick vaccine invented by COVAB scientists at Makerere University

Dr. Margaret Saimo Kahwa discusses the different levels of clinical trials carried out on Uganda’s first tick vaccine

Dr. Margaret Saimo-Kahwa discussing the launch of Ticvac production at Makerere University

President Museveni Lauds TicVac Anti-Tick Vaccine Research

Dr Margaret Saimo-Kahwa answers questions on developing the Ticvac tick vaccine in Uganda

Dr. Kokas Ikwap answers questions on the safety of Ticvac, the first anti-tick vaccine developed in Uganda

Dr. William Olaho Mukani talks about the 3 major ticks and tick-borne diseases targeted by TicVac-U