Dr. Charles Ssekitto's Profile

Name: Dr. Charles Ssekitto
Position: Scientist/Acarologist
Qualifications: Msc. Veterinary Entomology
Short Bio: BVM, Msc in Veterinary Entomology. Scientist/Acarologist at the TicVac Anti-Tick Vaccine Development Initiative.

Full Bio

Dr Ssekitto is an Entomologist and Research Officer specialising in ticks and tick-borne diseases, with vast experience primaril in tick ecology, rearing and identification. He holds a Masters in Veterinary Entomology from Makerere University.  He previously worked at the Ministry of Animal Resources until 1993 before joining NARO as a Research Officer. Dr Ssekitto has worked with the anti-tick vaccine project since 2017 as an Acarologist,  in charge of breeding and rearing of ticks used for experimentation at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-security (COVAB). He is also in charge of attaching and monitoring the ticks that are placed on animals. He collects, counts and weighs them.