Ms. Jonah Ainembabazi's Profile

Name: Ms. Jonah Ainembabazi
Position: Project Administrator
Qualifications: BVM
Short Bio: BVM. Jonah is the Project Administrator of the TicVac-U Anti-Tick Vaccine Initiative where she provides critical management support to Prof Margaret Saimo-Kahwa’s programme of research.

Full Bio

Jonah plays a pivotal role in facilitating the successful delivery of several vaccine projects associated with TicVac-U’s mission. She provides critical management support to Prof Saimo Margaret-Kahwa’s programme of research. The TicVac Anti-Tick Vaccine Initiative has a diversity of stakeholders, and strong links with industry as well as a variety of academic/non-industrial collaborators  In such a fast-paced research environment, Jonah as Project Administrator proactively executes operational plans and strategies against project goals, and is essential in ensuring the successful completion of Prof Saimo Margaret-Kahwa’s research programme and accelerating project execution from clinical trials to vaccine production.